Monday, October 12, 2009

Tell me why I don't like Mondays

Bonjour. Comment ça va?

Tonight dear readers, I am in a bad mood. Work is not going so well for me and I am getting bored with life. I want to travel so badly. Yes I've already been overseas and lived overseas but never as an adult. I'm ready to just leave this place behind and get away from everything for a while. Luke and I are planning a holiday to Europe for August next year which should be nice. I miss going overseas. Our plan is to do London, Paris and Rome in 3 weeks which should be easy- the hard part will be saving enough money for it to become a reality. But I'm confident that I can do it. I will probably have to put my wardrobe improvement plan on hold though, but if I save enough money I can spend some of it on clothes over there which should be good.

I probably shouldn't discuss the exact reasons for my current bad mood because it's work related and from experience, work and internet bitching do not a happy boss make. And these things always have a habit of getting back to bosses somehow. But to cut the story very short, I'm contemplating whether or not what I'm doing at the moment is right for me and if not, what I should do about it.

I saw a dress on the weekend that I like and I'll probably buy it this week seeing as it was only $50. On Saturday I bought a nice summer dress and some pyjamas (it's pyjama day at work on Friday) which I will probably post pictures of at some stage. And this Wednesday it's mine and Luke's 2 year anniversary. How the time has flown...

Ciao for now.

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