Monday, November 16, 2009

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Other peoples blogs make me feel very inadequate. Especially ones where people essentially do the same thing as me- that is just blog about their day to day lives. Possibly my day to day life is not very interesting or worth reading about. I would say that is the case, but what to blog about if so? And also, do I really care if people are reading my blog? Well yes I do because I think it appeals to the narcissist in me, it means people are interested in me and that's nice. I think that's just human nature. We're all a bit narcissistic, right?

But anyway I have decided that I'm going to learn how to sew. But I really don't think I would be very good at it because it does seem like a very involved process and my attention span is... *trails off*
You get the idea. So, to all my 11 followers- do any of you sew? Is it easy? What do you sew? Do you hand sew or use a sewing machine?

And in other news, I love these boots! This may not be a popular opinion but I'm not a huge fan of Doc Martins even though they're massively on-trend this season. I get the whole "feminine/masculine" thing with the pretty dresses and the Docs, but um... we're girls, why can't we just dress like girls?! They're just so huge and clunky, definitely one trend I do not get. These boots however are super cute and have that just right blend of tough and girlie which I adore. Definitely covetting these for summer, especially with bare legs and shorts/a mini.

Oh and another thing to add to my list of reasons why I can't wait for summer- water play at work! During summer we can put all different water play activities out for the kids and when it's hot there is nothing better than splashing around out in the sunshine. Unfortunately due to water restrictions we are not allowed to use the hoses which is a bit sucky but I'm sure we will make do. Bring on summer!

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  1. Don't think you should feel inadequate or inferior to other blogs, you have a great one. Think you should knit- that way you can do it everywhere and make loads of things!
    Love, The Poor Little Rich Girls. x


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