Monday, April 19, 2010


How amazing are these two girls! Major girl crush material.
I love Glee. I would have to put it in my top 5 tv series of all time, I can't get the songs out of my head!
I got a haircut a few weeks ago and I must say I'm pretty devastated. My hair was almost waist length and now it barely touches my shoulders. I really hate it when hairdressers just take their own lisence to ignore your requests and just basically do whatever they think will look good. Well I have news for you- IT DOESN'T LOOK GOOD!! Everyone else thinks it looks great but I'm definitely not of that opinion. I miss having long hair and am absolutely thinking of extensions.
I struggle to find things to blog about, which is why I hardly ever update my blog but I really am trying! I just don't think I'm very interesting. Also for some reason I haven't been able to comment anyone lately so if you have commented me and I haven't replied it's not because I'm rude it's genuinely an issue with my internet.
Until next time...

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  1. I got your comment :) You should follow - I need more readers to make it feel worth it! (Just a wee bit of guilt tripping there)

    Anyways, I love Glee AND have the same issues with hairdressers - I've finally found one I like I will never go anywhere else now - it's pricey but worth it. I used to hate getting my hair cut as a kid, I have very thick hair naturally and it does NOT suit me short.

    I love that in your descrip it says "I constantly narrate my life in my head" I do that too! haha. And in a british accent but thats probably because i'm british.

    I'm rambling.

    <3 Little Rachael


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